New life!

Becoming a new parent can sometimes feel overwhelming. One simply cannot prepare for the way the magical ride called new life enters your world. Once being born babies tend to gradually have an active gentle force to slowing us down. As parents, we become more aware of the present moment and the world we live in.

With this in mind, we have decided that creating merely in a slow fashion manner would be our way. At Bibs Kids, we want to reduce our environmental imprint. All our packaging is made from FSC certified material with vegetable printing. All of our designs are made of either OEKO-TEX or GOTS certified materials.

Bibs kids products are developed locally and handmade in Amsterdam. The magical hands that make them are of the ladies whom are a part of social sewing ateliers. They are fantastic and strong women, uniquely skilled who always create out of love. To work closely with our local community is not just for the commodity it is a true blessing.

We want to do better for our future. We believe in this planet, we believe in us, we believe in you and your mini . Let’s spread some love and celebrate the overall cuteness of new life.

Much love,

Bibs kids




The ALPHABEDDING Collection is the debut collection of Bibs kids. Inspired by ‘Black Tie’, all the bibs are decorated with cute ties and funny bows. The entire collection can be mixed and matched together. This not only makes all the Bibs kids products fashionable, it will also give your precious baby a feeling of being home away from home: the bibs and pacifierclips are after all a sweet reminder of the pillows and blankets at home.