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The CHLO bib with its fabulous chabot collar is perfect for the lady babes to shine during dinner, but don’t be shy; all the superfly dandy baby boys are more than welcome to rock this cutie as-well.

Practical in its use, the press button makes it easy to help your sweet baby with their many happy meals to come. The one thing that makes this bib extra special is that this sustainable cutie is handmade in Amsterdam by some awesome people who manufacture all our products with good energy .Well aware that this product will be used by an amazing fresh and tiny human being.

The soft waffle lining makes it perfect to snuggle a bit while practising their eating skills.


Washing instructions:

wasvoorschrift changingmat.png

Washing this bib and all the future veggie stains should be fun.
With the environmental issues in mind, we recommend always washing this bib at 30 degrees.

We’re also big fans of effective granny tricks, which are easy to apply. In this case using one swipe of a RAW olive-oil soapbar on the truly heavy stains, before gently machine-washing is a great option. And all will be so fresh and so clean once more.

Care: Wash at 30 degrees.Use a mild detergent for every wash. Wash at 30 degrees. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.
Composition: 100% cotton, buttons 100% plastic, label printed with 100% vegetable printing
Certification: The cotton used in this design is OCS100- certified (ETKO4401) (OEKO-Tex )
Size: L23 cm x W 21 cm

Designed and handmade in Amsterdam with lots of love.